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49 Food Vocabulary Words With Urdu Meanings And PDF

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49 Food Vocabulary Words

Today in this article you are going to learn 49  English To Urdu food Vocabulary words for Food With Urdu or Hind Meanings. 49  Food Vocabulary Words are essential for our English knowledge and as an English learner, you must need to learn these vocabulary words that you can be used when you want to eat something. You eat a lot of things in your daily life and you may also want to know the names of these food things. In this article, I have come up with these Vocabulary Words that you must need to learn. 49 English food Vocabulary Words will be really helpful for English speaking and it will be really helpful when you want to tell anybody What I am going to eat? With the help of these Vocabulary Words, you can speak  English in Kitchen. Let’s incorporate these Food Vocabulary Words into your daily life in English.

Food Vocabulary Words With Urdu Meanings

Learn Food Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings. If you will learn these Vocabulary Words it  will shine English To Urdu Vocabulary

Sugarcane piece گنڈیری
 Whey  لسی
Yogurt دہی
Sugarcane juice گنے کا جوس
Lemonade لیموں پانی
 Almond بادام
Cashew nut کاجو
Sweet potato شکر قندی
Melon خربوزہ
Groundnut مونگ پھلی
Lettuce سلاد پتہ
Walnut اخروٹ


Food Vocabulary Words

Flummery فالودہ
Morsel لقمہ
Grapefruit چکوترا
Quid نسوار
Wheat گندم
Vinegar سرکہ
Treacle شیرہ
Sauce چٹنی
Snacks تلی ہوئی ڈلیاں
Porridge دلیہ
Peas مٹر
Pulse دال


Food Vocabulary Words

Rice pudding  کھیر
Millet باجرہ
Honey شہد
Tamarind املی
Semolina سوجی
Sesame تل
Pepper مرچ
Poppy خشخاش
Mince قیمہ
Maize مکئی
Lentil مسور
Ginger ادرک

Food Vocabulary Words

Pickle اچار
Beef گائے کا گوشت
Buckwheat میتھی
Cardamom الائچی
Cheese پنیر
Cucumber کھیرا
Cream بالائی
Fritters پکوڑے
Patty سموسہ
Crisp sphere eaten گول گپے
Sweet pretzels جلیبی
Green tea سز چائے

Food Vocabulary Words

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