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49 War Vocabulary Words List With Urdu Hindi Meanings

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49 War Vocabulary Words List

Today in this article, you are going to learn Urdu To English War Vocabulary Words List with Urdu / Hindi translation. Urdu To English vocabulary for War is essential for our English knowledge and if you want to become a soldier you must need to learn these vocabulary words because you need to know what you are going to do in your life and what the name of this weapon? As an English learner, you must need to learn War vocabulary words. War Vocabulary words list will be really helpful for your English and it will be really helpful when you want to become a soldier or if you want to pass the Amry test but your English is not good or you don’t know the names of the Army weapons well then these Urdu To English War vocabulary words list help there. With the help of these vocabulary words, you can speak English in your life. These war vocabulary words will greatly improve your English and you will be able to speak English without any hassle.

War Vocabulary Words With Urdu Hindi Meanings

War Vocabulary words will shine your English speaking and English knowledge.Don’t waste your time here and there come and Download the PDF of this lesson

Counter offensive جا ر حانہ جوابی
Repel پیچھے کی  طرف دھکیلنا
Incursion د شمن کا اچا نک حملہ
Causalities اموات
Cavalry گھڑ سوار فو ج
Combustible آتش گیر ما دہ
Cruise سمندری سفر
Evacuation خطرے کی جگہ سے با ہر نکلنا
Explosives دھما کہ خیز مو اد
Arsenal ا سلحہ خا نہ
Invasion ا چا نک حملہ
Hostile دشمن،مخا لف
Machine gun مشین گن
Commander کما نڈر

English War Vocabualry

Besiege محا صر ہ
Ceasefire جنگ بندی
Truce امن معا ہدہ
Treaty صلح نا مہ
Mutiny بغا وت
Boot camp تر بیتی کیمپ
Drill sergeant مشق کرانے والا افسر
Troops فو جی دستہ
Coalition اتحا د ، یکجا ہو نا
Battle جنگ
War جنگ، لڑائی
Conflict جھگڑا ، تصا دم
Offensive دفا عی
Advance آ گے بڑ ھنا
 Ammunition   گو لہ با رو د

 Sanctions کا م کی اجا زت
Grenade دستی بم
Rocket را کٹ
Missile میزا ئل
Mortar چھو ٹی تو پ
Tank ٹینک
Cannon تو پ
Catapult غلیل
Artillery تو پ  خا نے
Jet  جنگی طیا رے
Bullet گو لی
Spear  نیز ہ
Shied ڈھال
Bayonet خنجر
Sword تلوار

Military فو جی
Army فو ج
Marine corpse بحری فو ج
Navy بحری فو ج
Air force فظائیہ فو ج
Infantry پیا دہ فو ج
Military insignia نشا ن امتیا ز
Prisoner of war جنگ میں قید ہو نے والا فو جی
Killed in action جنگ میں ما را جانے والا فو جی
Missing in action جنگ میں کھو جانے والا فوجی
Pow جنگی قیدی
Armors جنگی لبا س
Weapons ہتھیا ر

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