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Bad Habits Vocabulary With Urdu Hindi Meanings

Bad Habits Words
Written by Muhammad maaz

Bad Habits Vocabulary

In this article, you are going to learn bad habits and vocabulary words with Urdu-Hindi Meanings. This article will help you to learn such bad habits that you get involved. Sometimes. mostly get involved in such bad habits that are not considered got and positive.  That’s why here we are going to explain bad habits with Urdu Hindi meanings. If you learn this lesson you will be able to describe bad habits In English Urdu and Hindi.

Words Meanings
Procrastinating کام کو لٹکانا
Littering جگہ جگہ کچرا پھینکنا
Slurping سو سو کر کے کھانا
Cursing گالی گلوچ کرنا
Slouching back لٹک کر بیٹھنا
Picking nose ناک کا میل نکالنا
Twirling hairs بالوں کے ساتھ کھیلنا
Cracking knuckles انگلیاں چٹخانا
Snoring خراٹے لینا
Chewing pencil پنسل چبانا
Tapping feet پاؤں بجانا
Murmuring بڑ بڑانا

Bad Habits Vocabulary Meanings

Words Meanings
Bite nails ناخن چبانا
Spitting تھوکنا
Tapping fingers انگلیاں بجانا
Chewing with open mouth کھُلے منہ کھانا
Twirling hair بالوں کے ساتھ کھیلنا
Slouching back جُھک کر بیٹھنا
Cursing گالم گلوچ نکالنا
Shaking legs ٹانگیں ہلانا
Littering جگہ جگہ کچرا پھینکنا
Procrastinating کام کو لٹکانا

Bad Habits Words Meanings

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