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Daily Use Urdu to English conversation Sentences

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Daily use Urdu to English sentences

English speaking is really important nowadays days.  We can easily speak English with Daily Use Urdu to English conversation Sentences. English has become an international language in almost all the countries of the world. . I  have come up with some phrases that you can use in your daily life conversation. Just memorizing English sentences is not enough to learn to speak English. It is important to memorize these daily use sentences in English as well as practice them in your daily conversation with your friends or family members. For this practice, we have brought you Daily Use Urdu to English conversation Sentences which you will memorize and practice with interest.

 Importance of Urdu to English  sentences

Do you want to speak English? Do you want to become a fluent speaker of English? Everyone dreams to speak English. You can fulfill your speaking dreams with these daily use Urdu to English sentences. For becoming a fluent speaker of English you have to collect a lot of vocabulary and daily use sentences. If you will do this your English speaking will be definitely good.

Why we should learn English speaking?

To pick a new language to learn? Or do you fancy learning a new language in your spare time? And probably you have decided to improve your English skills. Then I believe that this best decision you have made.

I am going to help you with 5 reasons that why you should learn English:

  • The first reason why you should learn English is that English as a language is spoken worldwide. Now when I say English as a language is spoken worldwide, here I mean to say that people don’t understand or do speak English as their second language in many countries.
  • When it comes to traveling or visiting different countries, if the people don’t speak your language, then English comes to the rescue. So a little or knowledge or maybe basic knowledge of English is also very helpful when you visit different countries and try to speak or try to get your way out in other countries.
  • English will open up opportunities for you. Now if you have a good level of knowledge of English, you can speak effectively. Your communication skills will be great.

 Daily use English conversation sentences

These Urdu to English sentences will be really helpful for your conversation with people. Learn these Urdu to English sentences and practice them in your conversation.

Don’t slouch. کرسی میں مت گُھسو۔
Knock before you come in. اندر آنے سے پہلے دستک دو۔
Do the dishes by the time I am back? میرے آنے تک برتن کر دینا؟
It’s a daunting task. ایسے کام جس سے د ور بھاگیں۔
I am obsessed about becoming famous. میرے سر پر مشہور ہونے کا بھوت سوار ہے۔
I heard Babar got out on one. میں نے سنا ہے کہ بابر ایک رن پر آوٹ ہو گیا ۔
Babar is losing steam. بابر کا جوش ٹھنڈا ہوتا جا رہا ہے۔
I messed up. میں نے تو تھونکھیں پھیلا دیں۔
I need this room. مجھے یہ کمرہ چاہیئے۔
I have an interview. میرا ایک انٹرویو ہے۔
How do you feel? کیسا لگ رہا ہے؟
I have butterflies in my stomach. مجھے عجیب سی گھبرا      ہٹ ہو رہی ہے۔
I got hurt. مجھے چوٹ لگ گئی۔
Somebody pick me up. کوئی مجھے اٹھائے۔
The recording is on. رکارڈ نگ چل رہی ہے۔
Remove your hand. اپنا ہاتھ اٹھاؤ۔
Daily use Urdu to English sentences Improve your English with Urdu to English sentences

You can improve your English with these Urdu to English sentences. This lesson will be enhanced your English knowledge.

If you don’t want to show your face, so be it. اگرتم اپنا چہرا نہیں دکھانا چاہتی تو ٹھیک ہے، نہیں تو نا سہی۔ 
If he doesn’t come to my birthday party, so be it. اگر وہ میری برتھ ڈے پارٹی پر نہیں آنا چاہتا، تو نا سہی۔
If he doesn’t want to help me, so be it. اگر وہ میری مدد نہیں کرنا چاہتا تو نا سہی۔
Can I turn the cricket match now? کیا میں اب اپنا کرکٹ میچ لگا سکتا ہے؟
Finally, I got her nod. آخرکار مجھے اس کی منظوری مل گئی۔
When will you start studying? پڑھائی کب شروع کروگے؟
I will start from tomorrow. میں کل سے شروع کر دو گا۔
Why do you keep procrastinating? ٹال ماٹول کیوں کرتے رہتے ہو؟
The water is dripping form the Golgappa. گول گپے سے پانی ٹپک رہا ہے۔
If the father sent you to Lahore, would you go? اگر ابو تمہیں لاہور بھیجے تو تم جاو گے؟
It’s a no- brainer. یہ تو بالکل صاٖف سی بات ہے۔
Let’s go out for coffee after work. کام کے بعد کافی پینے چلیں۔
Not at tall. بلکل بھی نہیں۔
She outrightly rejected my suggestion. اس نے میرے مشورے کو صاف منع کر دیا۔
I am taking a vitamin capsule. میں وٹامن لے رہا ہوں۔
This top looks good on you. یہ ٹاپ آپ پر اچھا لگتا ہے۔
Importance of Urdu to English  sentences Speak English with daily use sentences

Learn and speak English with daily use sentences. If you want to speak English you have to learn these daily use sentences.

I am flattered. بہت اچھا محسوس کرنا۔
The dog is popping on my head. کتا میرے سر پر پوٹی کر رہا ہے۔
So much work is pending and you are relaxing. کتنے کام باقی ہیں اور تم آرام کررہے ہو۔
It’s my me-time. یہ میرا اپنا ٹائم ہے۔
All the spoons were used. سارے چمچ جھوٹے تھے۔
I thought so. مجھے لگا ہی تھا۔
Swear on me that you are not laying. میری قسم کھا کے کہو کہ تم جھوٹ نہیں بول رہے ہو۔
You swore on me that you were not laying. تم نے میری قسم کھا کر کہا تھا کہ تم جھوٹ نہیں بول رہے تھے۔
I am so hungry. مجھے بہت لگی ہے۔
I am not at all hungry. مجھے بلکل بھی بھوک نہیں لگی ہے۔
I am not sleepy at all. مجھے بلکل بھی نیند نہیں آرہی ہے۔
I am not bored at all. میں بلکل بھی بور نہیں ہوں۔
All three of us are intelligent. ہم تینوں ہی ذ ہین ہیں۔
Both of us are intelligent. ہم دونون ہی ذہین ہیں۔
I am getting suspicious of them. مجھے ان پر شک ہو رہا ہے۔
I can’t describe how amazing it is. میں بتا نہیں سکتا کہ یہ کتنا دلچسپ ہے۔
Move out of my way. میرے راستے سے ہٹ جاو۔
You have brought fortune to my life. تمہارے آنے سے میری زندگی میں بہار آئی ہے۔

Daily use English to Urdu Sentences PDF Download Daily use English to Urdu Sentences PDF Download

These Daily use English sentences ca be downloaded in PDF for free. This will help you to revise these sentences later. You can download these sentences by the following.


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