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English To Urdu Vocabulary Words With Sentences

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English To Urdu Vocabulary Words

Here in this lesson, you are going to learn English To Urdu Vocabulary Words With Sentences. This lesson will shine your English vocabulary and sentences. By learning this lesson you will be able to speak English fluently. Because here in this lesson we are providing you with some English vocabulary words with sentences. These sentences are very essential for learning English. Learn these words and sentences to speak English. So If you want to speak English you have to build your English vocabulary and sentences.

Vocabulary Words With Sentences

Here we are going to some important words with Urdu to English sentences. As you know well without English vocabulary and sentences you can’t speak English.

And let’s learn to English To Urdu Vocabulary Words With Sentences. 

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Refute تر دید کر نا There is no way you can refute these accusations.
Ostentatious نما ئشی His ostentatious behavior irritates me.
Hapless بد قسمت Hapless flood victims are not receiving any help.
Impair خراب کر دینا Lack of sleep impairs our ability to think clearly.
Exorcist جِن اُتا رنے والا I‘m looking for an exorcist.
Get rid of چھٹکا را پا نا You should get rid of smoking.
Exacerbate مزید خراب کرنا These attacks exacerbated the relations between the two countries.
Countryman دیہا تی My Father is a simple countryman.
Upfront سید ھی با ت کر نا Ali is an upfront person who doesn’t hide his intentions.
On end لگا تا ر It has been raining since morning on end.

Vocabulary And Sentences

Grandeur شا ن وشو کت There are no words to describe the grandeur of the palace.
Mistrust بے اِعتبا ری What is your reason for mistrusting him?
Dismay ما یو س ہو نا The fans are dismayed by this defeat.
Lofty اونچی The lofty walls were surrounding the castle.
Attentive متو جہ ہو نا Be attentive while I am speaking.
Bet شر ط لگانا I bet you can’t do this.
Barren ویرا ن He loves to photograph the barren landscape.
Converse گفتگو کر نا Conversing with someone stubborn is pretty hard.
Curtly رو کھا انداز She replied curtly and walked away.
Flimsy نا زک /کمزور The animals broke that flimsy fence easily.

Sentences And Words

Souvenir یا دگا ر This watch is a souvenir of my father.
Haggle بھا ؤ کر نا My mother always haggles over prices in the market.
Bluster چنگھا ڑنا Stop blustering and talk nicely.
Pauper کنگا ل /مفلس Paupers don’t have any respect in our society.
Yokel پینڈو / گنوار The poor yokel didn’t know how to use a tea bag.
Foppish  بن ٹھن کے رہنا My foppish brother will never go out in his pajamas.
Uproar ہنگا مہ After the announcement, there was an uproar in the hall.
Coax کسی کو منانا I coaxed my mother to stay with me.
Spunk جو ش/ہمت He has the spunk to face all of you together.
Gratifying اطمینا ن بخش The result of my hard work is gratifying.

English Words In Use


Pragmatist حقیقت پسند My pragmatist brother took the business to new heights.
Reprimand ڈانٹنا /سر زنش کر نا My boss reprimanded me for my poor work.
studious پڑھا کو Studious Sarah builds a large library in her house.
Slothful سست/ کا ہل I’m jobless and my father criticizes me for being slothful.
Insolence بد تمیزی/گستا خی I beg your pardon for my insolence.
Mortify شر مند گی محسو س کر نا The thought of the incident still mortifies me.
Natter گپ شپ We had a natter after a long time.
Servile خد مت گُزار He wants a wife who is servile.
Enamored گر وید ہ ہو نا Ali is enamored of Ayesha’s beauty.
Obstinate ضِد ی She is obstinate about not quitting her job.

English Vocabulary With Sentences

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