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Errors in Use Nouns and Pronouns

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Errors in Nouns and Pronouns

We know the importance of English speaking in our daily life.  English is an international communication langue. We can’t ignore the importance of English in our daily life. In every field of life, we have to speak English. And that’s why everyone dreams of being able to speak English.

In this blog, we are going to learn errors in Nouns and Pronouns. If you will learn this lesson you will be able to find the mistakes in Nouns and Pronouns.

The sceneries of swat are lovely. The scenery of swat is lovely.
The furnitures in this room are good. The furniture in this room is good.
She gave me two advices. She gave me two pieces of advice.
She shouted vulgar abuses at me. She shouted vulgar abuse at me.
She wrote three poetries. She wrote three poems.
The hen at many rices. The hen at many grains of rice.
He made many mischiefs. He made many pieces/acts of mischief.
He ran into many troubles. He ran into much trouble.
He gave me two informations. He gave me two pieces of information.
She told me two news. She told me two pieces of news.
She took tea with her family members. She took tea with the members of her family.
Cattle is eating the grass. Cattle are eating the grass.
The miles are a long distance. The miles are a long distance.
He gave me fifty rupees note. He gave me fifty rupee notes.
Her hair are curly. Her hair is curly.
Politics are a game. Politics is a game.
Two sheeps are eating grass. Two sheep are eating grass.
I like fresh fruits. I like fresh fruit.
I bought two dozens eggs. I bought two dozen eggs.
She bought some stationeries. She bought some stationery.
He caught two fishes. He caught two fish.
I have two works to do. I have two pieces of work to do.
I have a business in the office. I have a piece of business in the office.
We spent the summer vacations in swat. We spent the summer vacation in swat.
The united State are a cruel country. The United States is a cruel country.
This is yours book. This is your book.
Your work is better than mine work. Your work is better than my work.
This pen is my. This pen is mine.

One should do his duty. One should do one’s duty.
He keeps himself from smoking. He keeps away from smoking.
She was bathing herself in the pool. She was bathing in the pool.
Wise people avail of every opportunity. Wise people avail themselves of every opportunity.
He enjoyed in the class. He enjoyed himself in the class.
Aslam and I are thieves.  I and Aslam are thieves.
Ali is the boy which I like the best. Ali is the boy whom I like the best.
I saw a bird who was pretty. I saw a bird which was pretty.
I saw lion which was fierce. I saw a lion who was fierce.
He is the same boy who won the prize. He is the same boy that won the prize.
Whom is singing a song? Who is singing a song?
Whom do you like the most? Who do you like the most?
It is him. It is he.
Let we do it. Let us do it.
The matter is between she and I. The matter is between her and me.
None of the girls has done their work. None of the girls has done her work
Neither of the two boys is doing their duty. Neither of the two boys is doing his duty.
Either of the two boys is learning their lesson. Either of the two boys is learning his lesson.
Every boy is doing their duty. Every boy is doing his duty.
Each of us has paid their dues. Every boy is doing his duty.
The two girls are fighting with one another. The two girls are fighting with each other.
The jury were united in their opinion. The jury was united in its opinion.
I saw a girl in school who is lovely.  In school, I saw a girl who is lovely.
One of the girl is wise. One of the girls is wise.
Your’s truly. Yours truly.
This pen is like me. This pen is like my pen.
Those who work hard they will pass. Those who work hard will pass.

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