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Phrase and it’s Types with Urdu to English Examples

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Importance of English in Our Daily life

English is an international language in the world. Most people are using this language in daily life. It is an important language because we use this language to communicate with other countries’  people. From my point of view, knowledge of English has become a necessity these days. If you know to communicate in English with other people, you can easily survive in your life.

That’s why we have come up with phrases and Their Types with Urdu to English Examples. This lesson will be really helpful for your English.

What is a Phrase?


A phrase is a group of words in a sentence that doesn’t contain a subject and verb.

No Subject- Verb Combination


On the wall, in the water, across the river.

Common Types of Phrase

o Noun Phrase

o Adjective Phrase

o Adverb Phrase

o Preposition Phrase

o Verb Phrase

Noun Phrase with Examples


Consists of one or more words that are grammatically connected, with a noun as it is head.


Animals need water.

جانوروں کو پانی کی ضرورت ہے۔

Who ate the last sandwich?

آخری سینڈوچ کس نے کھایا؟

The tallest building in the world.

دنیا کی بلند ترین عمارت۔

A man with a bag.

ایک آدمی بیگ کے ساتھ۔

A beautiful house.

ایک خوبصورت گھر۔

The man who has been beaten.

وہ آدمی جسے مارا گیا ہے۔

Noun Examples Noun Phrase Examples
Man A smart man
Book A life-changing book
Dream A spooky dream
Building A gigantic building
Dancing Dancing in the rain
Love My love for you
Girl The girl that we saw yesterday
Book The book lying on the table

Determiner + Noun

Our friends have bought a house in the village.



Those houses are very expensive.



Adjective + Noun

Our closest friends have just bought a new house in the village.



Quantifier + Determiner + Noun

All those children are waiting for food.




A noun phrase can be just a noun or pronoun

People like to have money.


I  am tired.


Deteminer+ addjective+ Noun as modifires+  Head

A heavy iron gate.





Your dark blue woolen jacket.

You’re (determiner)

dark blue woolen(adjective)


My two favorite superhero films.

My two(determiner)


superhero(noun as modifiers)

Adjective Phrase with Examples 

An adjective phrase can be a single adjective or a group of words built around a single adjective.

So, like an adjective, an adjective phrase can also appear in the following places:

  1. At the beginning of sentences/ before the noun it modifies
  2. In the middle of a sentence/ after the noun, it modifies
  3. At the end of the sentence


Very friendly.

Any person is smarter than you can do it.

Afraid of the dark.

The guy in the red shirt is my neighbor.

Bilal is a batsman with skill.

The boy with blue eyes gave me a packet.

The book in my bag is written by Allama Iqbal.

Tina wore a  necklace made of gold.

Ali is standing with a man of great courage.

The movie was surprisingly good.

She is a highly passionate girl.

A trip with my friends is my dream.

Your overly excited friend is dancing.

A guy smarter than me will solve this problem.

The girl wearing the blue t-shirt lives next to my house.

Her behavior was highly rude.

The last question was very difficult to solve.

Sometimes an adjective phrase doesn’t have an adjective in it. It starts with following 

  • A preposition
  • A participle
  • An infinitive


I don’t like movies with no stories.

with no stories(prepositional phrase)

I have a picture of your child.

of your child(prepositional phrase)

The guy sleeping on the floor is my friend.

sleeping on the floor(participle phrase)

The shop built next to my house is huge.

built next to my house(participle phrase)

I don’t know a person to trust blindly.

to trust blindly( infinitive phrase)

He is the guy to look out for in the next match.

to look out for in the next match( infinitive phrase)

Verb Phrase with Examples

A verb phrase is a combination of an auxiliary verb and the main verb.


  • Helping Verb
  • Main Verb

What is a helping verb?

Verbs that help or support the action/ main verb in the sentence.

To be

Is, am, are, was, were, is/am/are/was/were being, being, been.

To have

Has, have had

To do

Do, does, did

Modle verbs

may, might, should, would, can, could, shall, will

What is an Action Verb?

Verbs that indicate an action.


Cook, eating, play, sleep, speak, write, walk, look, wash, beat

My mom is cooking my favorite dish while I am writing this post.

Everyone should meditate daily for a peaceful mind.

I have been waiting for a long time.

We could have won the match.

I could have been working on this project.

My mother has cooked food.

Ali will help me learn English.

I am teaching English.

Everyone should meditate daily to live a peaceful life.


Types of verb phrases

A helping verb and an action verb

  • He must learn to form his mistakes.
  • She has hated me for no reason.
  • They were beaten for no reason.
  • We are learning verb phrases.

Two helping verbs and an action verb

  • Bilal could have become my best friend.
  • He has been teaching for 5 years.
  • I am being forced to quit this job.

Three helping verbs and an action verb

They must have been working on this project for 5 years.

Kids would have been playing outside had the rain not come.

Adverb Phrase with Examples

An adverb phrase can be a single adverb or a group of words built around a single adverb.


Bilal played the guitar surprisingly well. ( Describes HOW the action happened)

I am doing everything to make people happy. (  Describes WHY the action is happening)

Today you performed extremely beautifully. ( Describes When and HOW the action happened)

Bilal is sleeping on the floor. (  Describes Where the action is happening)

Please do it now.

She did it as fast as possible.

He talked very softly. ( Describes HOW the action happened)

She is going now.


She is going at this very moment.

at this very moment( adverb phrase)

No such place was known then.

then( adverb)

No such place was known in those days.

in those days(adverb phrase)

Types of Adverb Phrase

  • Adverb phrases of time(WHEN)
  • Adverb phrases of place(WHERE)
  • Adverb phrases of reason( WHY)
  • Adverb phrases of manner( HOW)

Adverb phrases of time(WHEN)

After the match, last night, the day before yesterday, in the evening, in the next three years, as soon as possible, very soon.


We will reach to you as soon as possible.

Let’s meet after the match.

He wants to have his own brand in the next three years.

She will do it in a minute.

After the movie, we will go for dinner.

Don’t wait for the bus, it always comes late.

Adverb phrases of place(WHERE)

Behind the school, at the college, in front of my house, behind the curtains, in the face, on the lips


Some people are fighting in front of my house.

Last night, she kissed me on the lips. It was beautiful.

Don’t wait for me I will see you at the station directly.

Search for medical shops in the nearby areas.

The police are searching for criminals everywhere.

Adverb phrases of reason( WHY)

To pursue higher education, To pay their loans, To make my family happy, To eradicate poverty from the world, To impress others, To be calm and composed, To educate others


Most people do a job to earn money.

Ali is going to London to pursue higher education.

People are selling themselves to pay their loans.

I bought this vacuum cleaner to clean the house.

Maaz is studying hard to get her dream job.

Adverb phrases of manner( HOW)

Lightning fast, extremely careful, Very easily, in a low voice, with a lot of zeal and compassion, very well

Please act like a grown-up man.

You cook very well.

Maaz always talks with a lot of zeal and compassion.

She spoke to me in a rude tone.

She sings in a very high pitch.

Preposition Phrase with Examples

Phrases that start with a preposition are called prepositional phrases. Prepositional phrases start with prepositions and are followed by an object of the preposition.


They are writing a movie about his life.

The dog is hiding under the table.

All speak at the same time.

After two trial runs we did for real.

By the time I got there, he had gone.

Could you put your ideas down on paper?

Employees can buy books at a discount.

Everything had gone without a hitch.

He is under treatment for malaria.

He took the purse from here by force.

He was putting himself at risk.

Her efforts were in vain.

He is on trial for his life.

I am in debt to the bank for my car loan.

I am writing with regard to your recent order.

Prepositional phrases as adjectives


The guy in the red shirt is my friend.

The ending of the movie was not good.

The house across the street is believed to be hunted.

Students from different countries are studying in this college.

Prepositional phrases as adverbs

His father sends him money at the end of every month.

You need to keep your money in your pocket.

I would take you guys to my dream place.

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