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Ramiz Raja And Najam Sethi- A Conflict In Pakistan Cricket

Written by Inzamam Aziz

Ramiz Hassan Raja was the 35th Chairman of the Pakistan cricket team. Earlier this week, he was ousted from his office as the new cricket committee took the charge of the office head Najam Sethi. Ramiz called this whole process an “Unconstitutional change”. He stated that the whole constitution was changed to adjust Najam Sethi in the Pakistan cricket committee.

Ramiz said that the 17 members new committee didn’t allow him to collect his luggage from his office as Sethi took the office. Ramiz Hassan Raja who had the 3 years of tenure got ousted after 8 months. He termed this process a political agenda. Spitting the fact, Ramiz too was adjusted on a political basis by the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan 8 months ago.

Ramiz said that Najam Sethi has never touched the cricket bat and he knew next to nothing about cricket then how can he be a chairman of the cricket team only on a political basis? Ramiz said that his goal as the chairman was to work on infrastructure but he is in doubt about whether Najam Sethi will complete his projects or not.

Ramiz also slammed Najam Sethi and co. for disrespecting him and his team too. As Sethi took the charge he fired National team selector Muhammad Waseem. Sethi is also of the view that Pakistan should have foreign coaches and Pakistan does have not anyone who can coach well.

Remember that Pakistan won the champions trophy in 2017 under foreign coach Mickey Author. Sethi also clued that Mickey Author can be called back to coach the Pakistan team.

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