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Religious Vocabulary Words

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Islamic Vocabulary Words

Don’t you know the English of Islamic words? Do you hesitate to speak on Islamic topic that English words are difficult in Islamic or religious conversation? Get ride of this problem now. Because we have brought to you the English of religious vocabulary words that you can use in your religious conversation to impress others.

Islamic Vocabulary

Let’s try to learn these words with us so that we don’t have to face any problem while speaking English.

Ablution وضو
Prayer mat جائے نماز
 Prayer                   نماز
Obligatory prayer فرض نماز
Optional Prayer نفل نماز
Funeral جنازہ
Shroud کفن
Funeral prayer نمازجنازہ
 Believer مومن
Prostrate سجدہ
Recite تلاوت کرنا
Infidel کافر
Angel فرشتہ
Fast روزہ رکھنا
Pilgrimage حج
Pilgrim حاجی
Atheist ملحد

Alms خیرات
Recital ذکر
Crusade جہاد کرنا
Equality مساوات
Genuflection رکوع
Genuflect رکوع کرنا
Generous فراخ دل
Worship عبادت کرنا
Miracle معجزہ
Luminosity نور
Pulpit ممبر
Recompence اجر دینا
Accusation تہمت
Favor نعمت
Orator خطبہ دینے والا
Repent توبہ کرنا
Torment of grave قبر کا عذاب

Islamic Vocabulary Words PDF Download

Here is following a link. Click to download PDF lesson for free and practice these religious vocabulary words.

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