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sentences for food| Urdu to English sentences for food

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Urdu to English Sentences for food

The famous proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ reminds us of the importance of good health. Health is the most important aspect of life and if we eat healthy food we can live a more prosperous life. You can speak with sentences for food | Urdu to English sentences for food. The meal is the basic material that the body needs for its survival and well-being. Food when eating in the proper intervals and the right amount, can make the children fitter. All these things are well known by people. The actual topic is that we have brought a collection of  Urdu to English sentences for food. You can learn and memorize these English to Urdu sentences for meals. This is an easy way to learn because these sentences are given in both English and Urdu languages.

Role of Food and Nutrition in Promoting Health and well – being

Dr. Radhika Kapur


Food and Nutrition are regarded as indispensable aspects that lead to effective growth and development and health and well-being. Food provides individuals with the energy that is needed in the implementation and tasks and activities. In addition, individuals are able to treat various health problems and illnesses. There are numerous food items that are consumed by individuals in accordance with their liking and preferences. In some cases, the individuals are pure vegetarians and refrain from the consumption of non-vegetarian food items, whereas in other cases, they consume simple meals comprising milk, fruits, bread, and vegetables, and so forth. The health conditions of the individuals are regarded as vital that enable them to make a selection of the food items they want to consume. On the other hand, skipping meals and abstaining from the consumption of food items, providing essential nutrients cause health problems and illness.

 English Food sentences

Learn these  English to Urdu sentences for meals and use them in daily life. These English to Urdu sentences for meals will shine your English and speaking skills.

I am feeling hungry. مجھے بھوک لگ رہی ہے۔
What will you have? آپ کیا کھائیں گے؟
Which pickles do you have? آپ کے پاس کون کون سے اچارہیں؟
Have you taken your breakfast? کیا آپ نے ناشتہ کر لیا ہے؟
Prepare the breakfast. ناشتہ تیار کرو۔
Let’s have breakfast together. آو ہم ایک ساتھ ناشتہ کریں۔
Just taste it. چکھ کے دیکھو۔
No, I have to attend a party. نہیں مجھے ایک پارٹی میں جاناہے۔
Has Samina taken her meals? کیا  سائمنہ نے اپنا کھانا کھا لیا ہے؟
Hurry up, food has been served. جلدی کری کرو،کھانا تقیسم کر دیا گیا ہے۔
You hardly had anything. تم نے کچھ کھایا ہی نہیں۔
Have some more. تھوڑا اور لیجئیے۔
Do you smoke? کیا آپ سگریٹ پیتے ہیں؟

Urdu to English Sentences for food Speak English with Food sentences

Come and get the PDF of this lesson. If you will learn this lesson you will easily speak English about Food.

Get me a cup of coffee, please. مجھےایک کافی لا دو۔
Pour the coffee. کافی ڈالیے۔
The spoon is not clean. چمچ صاف نہیں ہے۔
Are you vegetarian? کیا آپ سبزی خور ہیں؟
Today, I will dine out only. آج میرا کھانا باہر بھی ہے۔
I have just sat down to have meals. میں کھانا کھانے کو ابھی بیٹھا  ہوں۔
I am not fond of rice. میں چاول نہیں  کھاتا۔
What is there for dessert? کھانے کے بعد میٹھا کیا ہے؟
Two breads were not enough for me. دو روٹیوں سے تو میری بھوک ہی نہں ختم ہوئی۔
I just relish aalu matar. آلو مٹر میری پسند دیدہ ڈش ہے۔
It is time to take meals, get ready. کھانے کا وقت ہو گیاہے،تیار ہو جاؤ۔
There is less salt in the vegetable. سبزی میں نمک کم ہے۔
Don’t have water on an empty stomach. خالی پیٹ پانی نہ پیو۔
Please, bring a pinch of salt from your mother. اپنی امی سے چٹکی بھر نمک لے آو۔
Speak English with Food sentencesEnglish to Urdu food sentences for House wife

This lesson will be really helpful for Housewives. Because it contains all the phrases that are used for cooking. You will learn how to call for salt and how to serve the food.

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Potato is all what we get here. آلو کے علاہ یہاں سے کچھ نہیں ملتا۔
I am still thirsty. میری پیاس ابھی نہیں بجھی۔
They have invited me to lunch. انہوں نے مجھے دوپہر کے کھانا پر بلایا ہے۔
Have your dinner with me. آپ رات کا کھانا میرے ساتھ کریں۔
Samina is an expert cook. سائمنہ اچھا کھانا بناتی ہے۔
Please, give some more gravy. تھوڑی اور تری دیجئیے۔
Bilal is a glutton. بلال پیٹو ہے۔
I have eaten to fill my tummy. میں پیٹ بھر کر کھا چکا ہوں۔
My mouth is watering. منہ میں پانی آرہاہے۔
Don’t gulp your meal. کھانا ہڑپ نہ کرو۔
He belched after taking meal. اس نے کھانا کھانے کے بعد ڈکار مارا۔
Please, pass me the salt. پلیز، نمک ادھر کرنا۔
He is addicted to tea. وہ چائے کا شوقین ہے۔

Urdu to English Sentences about Food PDF DownloadUrdu to English Sentences about Food PDF Download

These English to Urdu sentences for food can be downloaded in PDF for free. This will help you to revise these sentences later. You can download these English to Urdu sentences by the following link.



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