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Way Of Tenses Book For Tenses In Urdu To English

Written by Muhammad maaz

Way Of  Tenses

Your presence here clearly that you want to learn English and you are trying to learn tenses. No doubt, tenses are the most important thing that you have to learn if you want to learn and speak English, and then you will make hundreds of sentences by yourself. In order to have a conversation on different topics, we must need to learn tenses.

About This Book

Way of tenses is a book written by Nasir Jamal Nasir. This book is an amazing source of learning tenses, active and passive voice, and direct-indirect narrations.

This Book Is Going To Teach You:

  • What is a sentence? Parts of Sentences? What are Subject, Verb, and Object? What is a predicate? Helping Verbs and their Groups
  • Tenses and their types
  • The use of helping verbs and verbs

Present Tense

  • Present Indefinite Tense with Urdu to English Examples
  • Present Continuous Tense with Urdu to English Examples
  • Present Perfect Tense with Urdu to English Examples
  • Present Perfect Continuous with Urdu to Examples

Past Tense

  • Past Indefinite Tense with Examples
  • Past Continuous Tense Examples
  • Past Perfect Tense Examples
  • Past Perfect Continuous Examples

Future Tense

  • Future Indefinite Tense with  Examples
  • Future Continuous Tense with  Examples
  • Future Perfect Tense with  Examples
  • Future Perfect Continuous Tense with  Examples

After learning these sentences, you will be able to learn some advanced topics:

Active and passive voice

  • What is active voice?
  • What is passive voice?
  • Difference between active and passive voice
  • Tenses With Active And Passive Voice

Direct Indirect Speech

  • What is reporting and reported speech?
  • Person of pronouns chart
  • Way to change direct speech into indirect speech
  • Tenses with direct and indirect speech

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