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50+ Daily Use English Sentences With PDF

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Daily Use English Sentences

In this blog, you are going to learn 50+ daily use English Sentences With Pdf. These 50+ daily use English sentences will help you to speak English fluently. If you want to speak English in your daily life you must need to learn these 50+ daily use sentences. Sentences for daily use will shine your English speaking. If you learn these daily using English sentences you will be able to speak English 24 hours.

English Sentences With PDF

S0 Don’t waste your time here and there. You are at the right for learning English. That’s why we have come up with the most essential daily use of English sentences.

1 Come to the real point.
2 How many times I have told you?
3 Swear on me.
4 Don’t utter even a single word.
5 This mobile belongs to him.
6 Don’t teach your father.
7 I was around.
8 Why don’t you eat something?
9 Get rid of this.
10 Get me there.
11 I am hard of hearing.
12 Speak up.
13 Speak aloud.

Daily use English sentences

14 You crossed all the limits.
15 Pretty please.
16 Sounds great.
17 I have to go.
18 I am getting late.
19 Don’t pretend!
20 If you ask me.
21 Look at it here.
22 Anything else?
23 I am just coming.
24 Not at all.
25 Bring him in.
26 What now?

50 English sentences

27 What now?
28 I am done.
29 It’s too late.
30 Do me a favor!
31 Don’t wink.
32 Keep in touch!
33 Don’t mess with me.
34 After you.
35 How many?
36 How much?
37 Time’s up!
38 Don’t take it to heart.
39 I am at home.

sentences for daily use

40 What do you mean?
41 I never did that.
42 Where have you been?
43 Where were we?
44 Let it be!
45 I have no idea.
46 Have you ever heard about it?
47 He is my fast friend.
48 Be patient!
49 He is furious with me.
50 Have you ever been to London?
51 Not at all.
52 This is your job.

50+ sentences daily use

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