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63 English to Urdu Sentences for speaking in daily life

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English to Urdu Sentences

It is important to memorize these 63 English to Urdu sentences for speaking in daily life. As well as practice them in your daily conversation with 63 English to Urdu sentences for speaking in daily life. For this practice, we have brought you 63 English to Urdu sentences in daily life which you will memorize and practice with interest.

Modern English speaking sentences

I have often imagined how it would be to speak in old English, as in Beowulf’s time, and thought about why it seems unintelligible yet still considered English. Our English has undergone much evolution and over the eons has spread to various part of the world, which created even more diversity. It is so intriguing that is still the same language yet depending on where you use this English, it can be so very different. So If you will learn this English to Urdu sentences you are going to learn modern English.

 Why English to Urdu sentences is important in daily life? 

4 value ables reason to learn the English language

  • English open new career opportunities
  • English test can  get you into School
  •  The top language of the internet
  • English makes your life more entertaining

Learn English to Urdu sentences used in daily life

You know English speaking is really important these days. English considered the official language in almost all countries of the world. So If you want to be good at English you have to learn a lot of English to Urdu  Sentences.  That is why I have come up with these English to Urdu sentences that you can use in your daily conversation.

I could not help talking to her. میں اس سے بات کیے بغیر نہ رہ سکا
Do whatever you want to do. کر لے جو بھی کرنا ہے
Compose yourself. خود کو سنبھالو
What did I do? میں نے کیا کیا؟
You are gonna get slapped. چپیڑ پڑے گی
It’s just like I feared. جسکا ڈر تھا ویسا ہی ہے
There is nothing left to understand. سمجھنے کے لیے کچھ نہیں بچا
Don’t stretch this matter further. اس بات کو مزید مت بڑھاؤ
Your nose is running. تمہاری ناک بہہ رہی ہے
We kept talking till very late. ہم بہت دیر تک باتیں کرتے رہے
You don’t know where the shoe pinches. جس کو تکلیف ہوتی ہے پتہ اُسے ہوتا ہے
It serves you right. اچھا ہوا
Tell me another. کوئی نئی بات کرو
Take me with you. مجھے اپنے ساتھ لے چلو
You talk of small things. تم چھوٹی چیزوں کی بات کرتی ہو
He won’t understand like this. وہ اس طرح نہیں سمجھے گا
It won’t make difference to anyone. اس سے کسی کو فرق نہیں پڑے گا
We are not in good terms. ہمارا آج کل بول چال نہیں ہے
What did he try to tell you? اس نے تمہیں کیا بتانے کی کوشش کی؟
I would not have been here if I had not seen you. اگر میں تمہیں نہ دیکھتا تو یہاں نہ ہوتا
He is forced. وہ مجبور ہے

63 English to Urdu Sentences

 List of Urdu and English sentences 

PDF of this lesson about  English sentences in Urdu is given below. Download it to learn and memorize in your mind to brighten your English vocabulary and conversational skills. you can improve your English by knowing the 63 sentences in the list

By the way, who is he to you? ویسے وہ تمہارا کیا لگتا ہے
Keep your fingers crossed. پُر امید رہو
What do you think of yourself? خود کو کیا سمجھتے ہو تم
Don’t look at me like that. مجھے اس طرح مت دیکھو
It is between you and me. یہ تمہارے اور میرے بیچ ہے
All this has happened because of you. یہ سب تمہاری وجہ سے ہوا
Do you have any shame left? کیا کوئی شرم باقی ہے؟
Fulfill the promise that you made. جو وعدہ کیا اسے پورا کرو
How does he look like? وہ کیسا دکھتا ہے؟
Don’t try to pose yourself. بننے کی کوشش مت کرو
You are beyond me. تم میری سمجھ سے باہر ہو
Time waits for none. وقت کسی کا انتظارنہیں کرتا
Don’t let him go anywhere. اٗسے کہیں مت جانے دو
It’s not like that. ایسی بات نہیں
Make him understand something. اسے کچھ سمجھاؤ
The answer is hidden in your question. جواب تمہارے سوال میں چھپا ہے
What world are you living in? کس دنیا میں رہ رہے ہو
She was trying to hide something from me. وہ مجھ سے کچھ چھپانے کی کوشش کر رہی تھی
Like father like son. جیسا باپ ویسا بیٹا
The entire food got burnt. سارا کھانا جل گیا ہے
Don’t kick up the matter. بات کو بڑھاؤ مت
English 63 Sentences with UrduDaily life English sentences with Urdu Translation

These Urdu to English sentences will be really helpful for your English conversation. Learn these English to Urdu sentences and use them in your daily for improving your English.

I shall repay for the mistake I made. میں اپنی غلطی کی تلافی کروںگا
Don’t stress yourself too much. اپنے دماغ پر اتنا زور مت ڈالو
You become sad for no reason. تم بلاوجہ اُداس ہو جاتے ہو
There is something wrong at the bottom. دال میں کچھ کالا ہے
You have said what you wanted to. تم جو چاہتے تھے تم نے کہا
I tell whatever is in my inside at once. میرے دل میں جو بھی ہے ایک دفعہ بولتا ہوں
Why are you panting? تم ہانپ کیوں رہے ہو؟
How long have you been waiting for him? تم کب سے اس کا انتظار کررہی ہو
It is not what it looks like. یہ ایسا نہیں ہے جیسا دکھتا ہے
Who are you going with? تم کس کے ساتھ جا رہے ہو؟
There is no accounting for the tastes. شوق دا کوئی مل نئیں
What is done is done. جو ہو گیا سو ہو گیا
I am afraid I could not get you. معاف کیجیے میں آپ کی بات سمجھا نہیں
That is what I wanted to know. میں یہی جاننا چاہتا تھا
What a pity. کتنے دُکھ کی بات ہے
Joking apart, it is true. مزاق کے علاوہ یہ سچ بات ہے
Get off my back. میرا پیچھا چھوڑدو
Is this what you wanted? کیا تم یہی چاہتے تھے؟
What the heck. کیا مصیبت ہے
Don’t try to hoodwink me. میری آنکھوں میں دھول ڈالنے کی کوشش مت کرو
Don’t get me wrong. مجھے غلط مت سمجھو

Urdu Sentences PDF Download

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 English to Urdu Sentences Free PDF Download

Click on the following link to download English to Urdu sentences for Free PDF. Learn and memorize these 63 English to Urdu sentences and practice them to make yourself fluent in English speaking.

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