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Dry fruits names in Urdu and English

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All dry fruits names in English

We have brought for dry fruits names in  Urdu and English. You must have eaten a variety of dry fruits in your life but you may not know their English. These vocabulary words are extremely helpful for your vocabulary. Vocabulary for dry fruits will help you to speak English on different occasions.

Vocabulary for dry fruits

Come and solve the English problem for dried fruits. Whenever you eat the dry fruits, you must be thinking of their English. Here you can learn their English and you can use in your daily life

Almond بادام Prune خشک آلوچہ
Pistachio پستہ Watermelon seed تربوز کا بیج
Walnut اخروٹ Hazelnuts قُندق
Cashew nut کاجو Currant کِشمش
Dried fig انجیر Pumpkin seeds کدو کا بیج
Coconut ناریل Lotus seeds pop مکھانے
Pine nut چلغوزہ Cranberry کروندا
Dried apricot خشک خوبانی Sunflower seeds سورج مکھی کے بیج
Ground nut مونگ پھلی Betel nut سپاری
Raisins میوہ Sesame تِل
Dried dates چھوہارا Areca nut چھالیہ
Chest nuts شاہ بلوط Flax seeds السی


Dry fruits names PDF Download

Click on the following link to download PDF for free. These dry fruits names in Urdu and English really useful for your vocabulary collection.

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