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33 English To Urdu Sentences For Traveling With Urdu Or Hindi Translation

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33 English To Urdu Sentences For Traveling

Today in this article you are going to learn 33 English To Urdu Sentences For Traveling With Urdu or Hind Meaning. 33 English to Urdu sentences for traveling are essential for our English knowledge and as an English learner, you must need to learn these sentences that you can be used when you are traveling.  33 English sentences for traveling will be really helpful for English speaking and it will be really helpful when you are traveling and during travel, you want to talk in English with anybody, and these sentences will be really helpful for your English speaking.  With the help of these sentences, you can speak in English with a traveler during the journey. Let’s incorporate these English sentences into your daily life in English.

Sentences For Traveling With Urdu Or Hindi Translation

Let’s start speaking English with these Traveling sentences. If you want to speak English during your journey don’t waste your time here and there, come and get the PDF of this lesson.

When will the bus leave. بس کس ٹا ئم نکلے/جا ئے گا۔
How long does it take to reach Lahore. لاہورپہچنے میں کتنا وقت لگتا ہے۔
Please tell me the way to the Khanewal. مجھے خانیوال کا راستہ بتا دیں۔
My car broke down. میر ی  گاڑی خراب ہو گئی۔
We have lost our way. ہم راستہ بھو ل گئے۔
I have to take taxi to work. مجھے ٹیکسی پر کا م کے لئے جاناپڑتاہے۔
How is far the office from home? آفس گھر سے کتنی دور ہے۔
What is the departure time? وقت روانگی کیا ہے؟
He caught the bus. اسے بس مل گئی۔
I am going to Murree this winter. میں ان سرد یوں میں مری جارہاہو ں۔
What brings you here? کیسے آنا ہوا؟
He missed the bus. اس کی بس چھوٹ گئی۔
Where are you going? آپ کہاں جا رہے ہیں؟

It is only five minutes walk پید ل صرف پا نچ منٹ کا راستہ ہے۔
Our car got punctured on the way. راستہ میں ہماری گاڑی پنکچر ہو گئی۔
I am going by bus. میں بس پہ جا رہا ہو ں۔
What time is my flight. میری پرواز کس وقت ہے۔
May I have something to eat? کیا میں کچھ کھا نے کو لے سکتا ہوں؟
Where can I find a taxi? مجھے ٹیکسی کہا ں ملے گی؟
Have you bought the ticket کیا آپ نے ٹکٹ خرید لیا ہے؟
Sorry, you are sitting in my seat. آپ میری نشست پہ بیٹھےہیں۔
They could not caught the bus. وہ بس نہ پکڑ سکے۔
My car run out of petrol. میری گاڑی کا پیٹرول ختم ہو گیا ہے۔
For how long the train stops here? گا ڑی یہا ں کتنی دیر رکتی ہے؟
Tire is punctured. ٹائر پنکچر ہے۔
I coming to you. میں آپ کے پاس آ رہا ہوں۔

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