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47 Urdu To English Sentences To Talk With Guest

Written by Muhammad maaz

Urdu To English Sentences To Talk With Guest

Today in this article you are going to learn 47 English To Urdu Sentences To talk with guests With Urdu or Hind Meaning. 47 English to Urdu sentences to talk with guests are essential for our English knowledge and as an English learner, you must need to learn these sentences that you can be used when you want to talk with a guest.  47 English sentences for guests will be really helpful for English speaking and it will be really helpful when you want to talk with a guest.  These Urdu To English sentences for guests will increase your confidence when you talk with guests. Let’s incorporate these English sentences into your daily life in English.

47 English Sentences To Talk With Guest

Let’s start to speak English with these sentences. If you want to speak with guests don’t waste your time here and there, come and get the PDF of this lesson.

Some guests are coming home. کچھ مہمان آ رہے ہیں۔
They are coming by train. وہ ٹرین پر آ رہے ہیں۔
Sorry for keep you waiting. آپکو انتظارکرانے کے لئے معزرت۔
Long time no see. کافی عرصہ ہو گیا ملے ہوئے۔
I am so excited to here this. میں یہ سن کر بہت پر جو ش ہوں۔
How was your travel ? آ پ کا سفر کیسا رہا؟
The travel was very peaceful. سفر کا فی پر سکو ن تھا۔
When will they arrive? وہ  کب پہنچیں گے؟
They will arrive at 5.pm. وہ  پانچ بجے پہنچیں گے۔
See, they have come. دیکھو وہ آ گئے۔
You must have been tired آپ تھک چکے ہوں گے۔
Please come/get in. براہ کرم اندر آ جا ئیں۔

We waited anxiously for your arrival. ہم نے بے چینی سے آپ کی آ مد کا انتطار کیا۔
We are meeting after a long time. ہم کا فی دنو ں بعد  مل رہے ہیں۔
Let us serve something to the guests. آو مہما نوں کو کچھ پیش کرتے ہیں۔
The meal is being served. کھا نا پیش کیا جا رہا ہے۔
Please help your self. پلیز لیجیئے     نا۔
After you. پہلے آپ۔
I all be right back. میں ابھی آتا ہو ں۔
Oh, you should not have it. اور اسکی کیا ضرورت تھی۔
 Its only something small. یہ تو ایک چھو ٹی سی چیز ہے۔
The meal was very delicious. کھا نا واقعی مزیدار تھا ۔
We enjoyed it a lot. ہمیں کا فی ا چھا لگا ۔
My pleasure. میری خو ش قسمتی ہے۔

Thank you! some other day. شکریہ !کسی اور دن۔
The stay here was really amazing. یہا ں رکنا واقعی حیرت انگیز تھا ۔
Alright its time for us to leave now. ٹھیک ہے اب ہم چلتے ہیں۔
How long will you stay here? کتنے دن رکو گے یہاں؟
We will stay here for two days. ہم دو دن رہیں گے یہا ں۔
Sure, I can take you around. ضرور میں آپ کو ادھرلے کے چلتا ہو ں
Your city is really beautiful. آپ کا شہر واقعی پیا را ہے۔
We would like to see your city. ہم آ پ کا شہر دیکھنا چا ہیں گے۔
Ok as you say. ٹھیک ہے جیسا آپ کہیں۔
Have a save travel. آپ کا سفر اچھا رہے۔
See you! bye ملتے ہیں پھر خدا حا فط۔
Say my hello to your father اپنے ابو کو میرا ہیلو بو لنا۔

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