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49 Parts Of Body Names In Urdu And English PDF

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Parts Of Body Names In Urdu And English

Here in this blog, you are going to learn 49 Parts Of Body Names In Urdu And English. Learn 49 parts of body names in Urdu And English.  The human body is made up of different organs. If not a single organ the human body becomes incomplete. Today in this blog I am going to give all the human body parts with English And Urdu Translation. This lesson will cover all human body parts with pictures. In our daily life often need to talk about our body, its parts, and organs.

49 Parts Of Body Names

After learning 49 Parts of Body Names you will be to talk about it in your daily life. This lesson will be really helpful for English grammar and English speaking.  And don’t waste your time here and there come and download the PDF of this lesson

Mouth منہ
Belly پیٹ
Skelton ڈھانچہ
Hair بال
Ear کان
Eardrums کان کے پردے
Earlobe کان کی لو
Forehead پیشانی
Neck گردن
Nape  گدی
Eyes آنکھیں
Eyebrow پلکیں
Eyelashes بھنویں

Shoulder کندھا
Armpit بغل
Elbow کہنی
Hand ہاتھ
Palm ہتھیلی
Fingers اُنگلیاں
Nails اُنگلیوں   کے ناخن
Nostril نتھنے
Cheek گال
Jaw جبڑا
Moustache مو نچھ
Mouth منہ
Lips ہونٹ

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