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Urdu To English Sports Vocabulary Words List With Urdu/ Hindi Translation

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Urdu To English Sports Vocabulary Words

Today in this article, you are going to learn Urdu To English Sports Vocabulary Words List with Urdu / Hindi translation. Urdu To English vocabulary for sports is essential for our English knowledge and if you want to become a player you must need to learn these vocabulary words because you need to know what you are going to play and what the name of this game is? As an English learner, you must need to learn sports vocabulary words. Sports Vocabulary words list will be really helpful for your English and it will be really helpful when you are playing the game and there if you want to talk in English you can use these Vocabulary words list. With the help of these sports vocabulary words, you can speak English during the game. These sports vocabulary words will greatly improve your English and you will be able to speak English without any hassle.

Sports Vocabulary Words List

But the question is that why is it important to learn Sport Vocabulary Words for games? Because these sports vocabulary words are very important if you want to play a game with the help of these vocabulary words you can improve English speaking.

Skateboarding پہیوں والے تختے پر پھسلنا
Roller skating جوتوں کو پہن کر پھسلنا
Paragliding چھتری سے ہوا میں اترنا
Handball ربڑ کی گیند سے کھیلنا
High jump اونچی چھلانگ والی گیم
Rowing کشتی چلانے والی گیم
Weightlifting وزن اٹھانے والی گیم
Water polo تیراکی کا کھیل
Trampoline سپرنگ پر چھلانگ والا کھیل
Tenpin bowling کونٹھیاں گرانے والا کھیل


Tennis ٹینس
Snowboarding تختوں پر برف رانی
Ski jumping اونچی چھلانگ لگانے والا کھیل
Skiing ڈھلوان پر پھلسن کا کھیل
Swimming تیراکی
Running دوڑنا
Rugby فٹ بال کاایک کھیل
Rock climbing چٹانوں پر چڑھنے والا کھیل
Rafting چوپ بندی والا کھیل
Kabaddi کبڈی

Luddo لڈد
Carom board کیرم بورڈ
Polo گھوڑے پرہاکی کا کھیل
Paintball مصنوعی گولیوں کے ساتھ کھیل
Karate کراٹے
Ice hocky ایک طرح کا ہاکی کھیل
Jogging ٹہل کرچلنے والا گیم
Horse racing گھوڑوں والا کھیل
Golf  گالف
Figure skating برف پر جسم گھمانے   کا کھیل

Sports Vocabulary Words PDF Download

As I have introduced in detail Urdu To English Sports Vocabulary and I have provided complete information about them.

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