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Prepositions List

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Simple Prepositions List

People are often confused about prepositions. They don’t know when and how to use them properly. They search for them from different platforms to correct their prepositions. But they can’t find them all in one place. We have brought here a list of these prepositions for you, which are just a click away from you. You can learn these prepositions and use them at the right time and it will honour and rank your English speaking skills.

Preposition in English

Learn to use prepositions correctly and improve your English.

At On In By
At first On time In the news By the time
At the end On television In the end By the side of
At ease(with) On strike In a flash By the arm/hand
At first sight On show In the winter By surprise
At midday On sale In a hurry By sight
At fault On remand In a mess By rights
At full strength On reflection In the air By request
At the moment On purpose In a sense By reason of
At hand On principle In tears By process of
At heart On paper In return By post
At home On order In the morning By order of
At university On occasion In action By now
At issue On no account In advance By nature
At large On leave In a moment By my watch
At least On holiday In aid of By mistake
At length On hand In brief By marriage
At most On guard In an instant By luck
At night On foot In answer to By law
At noon On fire In existence By invitation
At a stand On file In fact By heart
At once On edge In the past By hand
At the latest On credit In effect By force
At work On condition that In error By far

Preposition Examples PDF Download

Click on the following link to download PDF for free. This preposition list will be really useful for your vocabulary collection.

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